Hardcore Foamcore V2

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HARDCORE FOAMCORE is a sculptural and photographic exploration into the delicate relationship between permanent and temporal materiality during a time of unprecedented societal uncertainty. Shot entirely in lockdown during the mandatory COVID-19 stay-at-home order for NYC, the artists Saheer Umar and Asya Gorbacheva (Arx Pictures) utilized available objects sourced entirely from spaces not deemed by city and government officials to be “off-limits” or closed. This included local parks and the confines of artists home. These objects included available stones, dirt, budding flowers, food refuse and cleaning supplies.”

We have partnered with Supplies For Success to donate a portion of each sale to help kids in need. Supplies for Success has donated over 15,000 Carekits since the start of this pandemic. These Carekits are for kids ages 3-8 and include educational materials, art supplies, and more to keep them busy and learning during these hard times. They have been distributed through food banks to kids most in need and to children on frontline workers.

12 x 16 2 CareKits donated
18 x 24 4 CareKits donated
24 x 32 8 CareKits donated
30 x 40 15 CareKits donated

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