Elliman: Lisa Eryn Silverman - If these walls could talk

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Home Renovations can produce gorgeous results, but living in the midst of them is usually far from glamorour, as Lisa Eryn Silverman realized six years ago when she moved into her Tribeca loft with her then-boyfriend, now-husband. "I had been living on the Upper East Side, so the neighborhood already felt like another world. Worse, we were doing a lot of construction, so the apartment was really not as beautiful as I would have liked," recalls Silverman, founder and owner of These Fine Walls, an online gallery specializing in contemporary limited-edition photography. "To make the place feel like it was ours, the first thing I unpacked was every piece of framed art we owned. I hung some on the walls and leaned a bunch more against them. I've been bringing in new pieces ever since.


Hamptons Magazine: Prints Charming

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What Inspired Lisa Eryn Silverman to Start These Fine Walls? While working behind the scenes as a photo-shoot producer for Michael Kors, Sagaponack resident Lisa Eryn Silverman grew frustrated with the amount of incredible work that never saw the light of day. “I noticed that the photographers had amazing portfolios filled with work that wasn’t for sale,” says Silverman, who is also a photographer. “They would capture so many photographs on a shoot and then only a select few images would be seen by the public.”


LONNY: Small Space Tricks from the World's Top Designers

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Small space tricks from the worlds top designers: J+G Design uses an overscale photograph from TheseFineWalls as a focal point to their space.


Refinery29: Design on a Dime Makeover

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See Two Women Turn An Empty Box Into A Stunning Home Office For Charity.


NYC&G: Model Apartment

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Design Discoveries from New York and Beyond: Room Service. The New York–based online gallery These Fine Walls stocks fine art prints, such as this vintage shot of Twiggy, for instant wall gratification.


The New Photography Every Fashionista Needs at Home

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The New Photography Every Fashionista Needs at Home Canadian-American photographer Richard Bernardin has released a collection of fashion-forward photos available on TheseFineWalls. The collection, featuring gorgeous subjects in provocative and expressive poses, links the fashion, beauty, and art worlds thanks to saturated colors, beautiful models, and retro-influenced styling. Splitting time between New York, Paris, and Montreal, Bernardin began his career in film and transitioned into a free-lance fashion and beauty photographer who contributes to Vogue Brazil, Elle Canada, Maxim, Glamour France, and many more.


InStyle: Art 101: Shop These 6 Sites For Affordable Pieces Now

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You know the difference between a room that instantly dazzles and one that feels oddly unfinished? According to interior designer Ryan Korban, who counts Alexander Wang and model Jessica Stam as clients, people often think that furniture makes a room, but it’s really the top layer of décor: the eclectic knick knacks, the cozy throw, the worn-in library and, most of all, the art. Whether you have ten minutes or ten hours, these e-commerce sites will help you instantly artify your abode.


FORTUNE Magazine: Beyond Fortune

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At age 13 she fell in love with cameras. Years later, armed with a background in fashion and design, she pursued her passions and launched, an online photography gallery, in early 2014. Like the car she drives, her passion mixes beauty, art and practicality. It's an independent road she chooses to drive, a path born from her heart and not from the roar of a crowd.


VentureMarketing101: Startup Spotlight

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Lisa Eryn Silverman Launches “These Fine Walls” eCommerce Photography Website Lisa Eryn Silverman, a photographer and entrepreneur, brings a curated collection of limited edition photography to your home with her online gallery, These Fine Walls (TFW).


CaliforniaHome+Design Product Of The Day

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Hermes Love by Lisa Eryn for These Fine Walls It can be challenging to find great prints to fill your home. In comes, These Fine Walls, a highly-curated online gallery showcasing unique work from photographers from around the world. Our Product of the Day is their Hermes Love by Lisa Eryn - Prices range depending on size and framing.


Instagram World

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Some Instagram users might consider themselves professional photographers, but there are few who can actually live up to their chosen hashtags. With an extensive background in photography and design, you can guarantee that Lisa Richenstein’s account is absolutely #instaperfect. However, Lisa doesn’t just leave you with creative snapshots of food, fashion and her travels; instead, she shoots to inspire. Lisa’s passion for fine art photography led her to create another account called @thesefinewalls; providing what the bio describes as “Inspiration For Now — Exciting World To Come Curated.” Highlighting her photography skills and the finest home decor, this account shows that a wall with a nicely taken photo can instantly transform your room into a true work of art.