Belle De Jour

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This series explores the“Stepford” stereotype as a hollow housewife is caught longing for freedom. This artful interpretation takes us back in time for a look beyond the vintage-veneer. From scrubbing floors in sexy attire to provocatively posing against porcelain, Bernardin dares to explore this ever-enduring male fantasy, by shining a light on the absurdity of expectation associated with this kind of forced female bondage. Beauty on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Drowning in her own desperation, our hero housewife escapes the confines of suburbia in search of salvation under the spotlight of possibility. Shattering the illusion, this editorial captures the subtle shades of suffering that simmer just below the surface when passion goes unanswered and dreams are left to die. When emptiness chips away at the soul until there’s nothing left but a shell of what once was, we are reminded that there is no escape from ourselves.
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