Saheer Umar and Asya Gorbacheva are a NYC-based conceptual photography and filmmaking team working primarily with still life creations under the name Arx Pictures. Inspired by an archivists approach to sourcing both banal and rare objects, their work attempts to highlight glimpses of our shared experience thru their unique attention to materiality in sculptural and photographic form. They regularly work with brands including Swarovski, Supreme, Victoria’s Secret, Takashi Murakami and Nike amongst a list of others.

Arx Pictures is a contemporary creative studio specializing in commercial and experimental film and visuals for fashion, luxury, still life, documentary and social media content. Employing future-leaning visual intelligence and a refined sense of aesthetics; explorations into narrative and brand communication are expertly handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Hardcore Foamcore V2
ARX Pictures