TheseFineWalls Pop-Up Contemporary Photography Exhibition

New York, NY— TheseFineWalls is pleased to announce that its premiere photography exhibition will be held in the heart of New York City’s vibrant art-gallery scene at 134 Tenth Avenue in Chelsea. A private opening reception will take place on Thursday evening, March 30, and the pop-up gallery will open to the public on March 31 through April 4.

In its creative pursuit to showcase photography as decorative fine-art, TheseFineWalls will present a re-contextualization of fashion, beauty, and editorial-styled images across a curatorial platform. The pop-up gallery will feature a unique collection of large-scale limited-edition prints by a group of emerging and established photographers including Rebecca Bathory, Richard Bernardin, Jvdas Berra, Louis Décamps, Lisa Eryn, Williams Hirakawa, Niklas Hoejlund, Dariusz Klimczak, Ulrich Knoblauch, Greg Lotus, Anders Overgaard, and Tom Schierlitz. TheseFineWalls will also debut never-before-seen works by American fashion and beauty photographer Jamie Nelson, whose prolific shoots have been featured in the New Museum (New York) and fashion publications worldwide, including Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

While the exhibition presents a diverse and comprehensive scope of artistic styles— from cinematic black-and-whites to surrealist landscapes— their joint curation tells a photographic tale centered upon two opposing themes: nature and artifice. From Knoblauch’s swimming nudes to the high-fashion femme-fatales in Nelson’s glamour shots, the exhibition’s narrative follows the female form as she toys between organic and synthetic dreamscapes: desert vistas, calm seascapes, and roaming elephants morph into decadent realms of synesthetic delights and transient pleasures: candy-colored pills, lacquered lips, and opulent, palatial architecture.

Extending its mission to help clients integrate photography as decorative fine-art for any interior, TheseFineWalls will present an interactive curatorial component in the exhibition’s final room. Using Mueral’s digitized canvases, visitors will be able to explore the gallery’s photographic archive and create his or her own visual narrative across the exhibition’s final wall.

About TheseFineWalls:TheseFineWalls was founded by Lisa Eryn Silverman in 2014 and quickly made its mark as an online resource for interior designers, architects, and collectors to view and acquire limited-edition photographs. In her previous career as a fashion-photography producer, Silverman found herself constantly exposed to the private portfolios of the world’s most esteemed photographers, whose photos remained lay dormant unless published in the glossy pages of a magazine. Recognizing the power of those images as worthy of a frame and wall, Silverman founded TheseFineWalls in order to re-present fashion, beauty, and other editorial-styled images as fine-photography for interior settings. All photographs exhibited at TheseFineWalls Pop-Up Gallery will be available for purchase, with additional sizing and custom framing options

TheseFineWalls Pop-Up Gallery:

134 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10011

Public Hours: March 31- April 4, 11AM- 6PM

For press inquiries or questions please contact:LISA ERYN SILVERMAN

TheseFineWalls Founder & Creative Director


Guest Curator

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