The Upper East Side With J+G Design

Hi! Lisa Eryn here! I am excited to share this Upper East Side apartment I just finished putting the final touches on! If you didn’t already know, I am available for private art consulting. What this means is I will come to your home (or work with you over email), measure the space and walls that need art, and work with you to select the right pieces whether from TheseFineWalls artists’ archives or from other artists not listed on our site. For this beautiful Upper East Side apartment, I am happy to report we used all TFW art and I called upon my talented design friends from J+G Design to help style the place for our photo shoot. More images after the jump!

Here you can see the full living room shot. The clients wanted a large statement piece for above the couch so we selected My First Kill II by Richard Bernardin and chose to use a simple black frame. To the left you will see two square photos we selected. The client already owned these vintage frames and so we gave them a refresh by selecting works also by Richard Bernardin, La Fievre Au Corps and La Fievre Au Corps II.

This wall is located between the living room and dining room and is just off of the kitchen. We wanted something fun that would work with the pieces selected for the living room and decided on Richard Bernardin’s FunHouse.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a finished shot of the dining room, but here we have Jennifer and Georgie carrying over this amazing acrylic piece, Self Service, from Ulrich Knoblauch. This piece adds a great pop of color to the space and we plan to bring in some blue accents to finish off the room.

A small print, another photo by Ulrich Knoblauch, titled Twiggy, sits pretty in the kitchen. There was no wall space available in the kitchen due to a window with an amazing view and some great accessorized shelves, so we opted for a small leaning print. It is fun to own some of these smaller pieces as they are easy to move around and you can continue to create new looks in different parts of your home.


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