Talking Design: Antonino Buzzetta

Antonino Buzzetta’s design style is timeless and classic—sensible and elegant. He founded his firm Antonino Buzzetta Design in 2010 and has been featured in Rue Magazine, Elle Décor and Hamptons Cottages & Gardens. We at TFW are grateful for his insights and words on what it’s like working as an interior designer!

When did you realize this was the profession for you?

Like every other designer I know, I was constantly rearranging my room as a child, my mother actually encouraged it (l think she figured that it forced me to clean at the same time so it was a win-win). Even as a child I always found myself mentally redecorating in my head; everywhere I went I would think “I like that sofa/chair/pillow, but I would use a different fabric” or I would imagine the room in a different wall color or how it could look if the furniture were to be repositioned.

What are the elements of your signature design style?

The elements that I feel are signature to my design style include dark yet bold colors, signature pieces (able to command presence on their own), and amazing finishes/textures. l love that when all of these elements are combined, an air of sexiness is conveyed.

Have you experienced a milestone that reminded you you’re living your dream?

Honestly, every completed project is a milestone for me; there is nothing more gratifying that the feeling you get after completing a project that both you and the client love.

What tools or practices optimize your life on a daily basis?

One of the practices that l utilize daily, and is critical for this field, is that I am always out there seeking what is new, innovative, glam and exciting. It is a never-ending task and I love it.

Has anyone given you life advice you hold dear?

I can’t recall who said it to me but someone once told me to live fearlessly, and that is exactly my approach to design, we should all aspire to be living better.

What’s your view on art and photography in design?

I love art. Like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder. There’s something quite special about the admiration of an object, especially if you’re the only one that feels that way about that piece.

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