Pursue Ultimate Simplicity

Our best-selling photograph, Drowning Princess, elegantly addresses themes of cleansing and clarity.

We’ve just finished reading Marie Kondo’s New York Times Best Seller “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up“. With two million copies sold, she’s definitely on to something. Essentially all she says underneath each carefully crafted chapter is quite simple: hold onto the things that make you happy, let everything else go.

Cleaning consultant Kondo suggests you declutter your home in one go, with a revolutionary category-by-category system. She advises one gather all clothes, books, other komono (stuff), lay everything out in one place, and sift through each item to get a sense of how much you actually possess.

Once your space is clean to your satisfaction, artwork really enhances a sparse space. We are particularly drawn to simple, clean walls. In keeping with the KonMari method, any object you purchase should spark joy, so naturally the same should be true for your art collection.

A quirky black and white figure brings life to a neutrally-toned space.

Richard Bernardin’s black and white images provide a bold clarity to this sparse interior.

Her method is certainly worth trying, for the peace of mind it brings. To have a clean, clutter-free interior will seep into all other aspects of your health and attitude — and perhaps even influence your aesthetics.

The soft tones of this image work perfectly in the stark setting of a white-tiled bathroom.

The book is about having gratitude for the objects you actively choose to be in your life. A quick read, this lovely little book is definitely worth your time.

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.” ― Marie Kondo.

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