New Series: A Glorious Aftermath

TheseFineWalls is excited to release the “Glorious Aftermath”: a fantastic series by Lisa Eryn in collaboration with famed still life photographer James Wojcik that exposes stunning remnants of lavish revelry. Lisa met James some years ago when he was teaching a course at the International Center of Photography.

As these are Lisa’s own images, she is pleased to offer custom orders and crops. With so much to look at in each photograph, we think they work very well as diptych or triptych. For example, we loved splitting up “Undressed to Excess” into two images for a living room in the Hamptons.

It looks like Marie Antoinette has left her mark on this delicious composition, “Undressed to Excess.”

In a blue themed dining room, we think cropping “Cacophony in Blue” into three is quite playful.

Butterflies, scarves, and jewels galore in “Cacophony in Blue.”

Remember last night’s debauchery with “Golden Indulgence.”

James Wojcak, an accomplished still life photographer, works in editorial and advertising— both online and in print media. Appearing in Vogue, New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, GQ, and Allure, Jame’s compelling photos illustrate stories ranging from food to beauty, fashion to finance, technology to teenagers.

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