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TheseFineWalls blog has selected particular interior design firms to showcase their exquisite finished projects in which a TheseFineWalls piece has been incorporated. Cherishing the collaboration that exists between TheseFineWalls and many reputable design firms, we have been lucky enough to connect with exclusive talent and discuss designer’s creative process for our new feature on the blog. We connected with Lindsay Feldman, premier designer and founder of L. Kate Interiors, a design firm based in New York, New York.

Q: How did you find out about TheseFineWalls?

A: On Instagram one day! I was just aimlessly scrolling, and found this image I loved, which linked to the website. So glad I did, because it has led to amazing installations for some of my favorite projects!!

Q: What is most important when looking for art to put into a room for a client?

A: Scale is always very important – and top priority for placing art in any space. However, the most challenging part is choosing artwork that a client responds to as well. Artwork tends to be the most personal part of the interior design process. It’s easy for me to pick out what I like and think would look fabulous in a room, but ultimately the client needs to be drawn to it emotionally and visually.

Q: How do you advise your clients? Do they typically have a vision or do you help direct them?

A: Usually my clients know what style they are drawn to (or dislike!), but may not know how to put it into words, so my biggest task when meeting a new client is getting to know them and what they ultimately consider home. Home to me is where I am most comfortable, where I can kick off my shoes and be casual, but also entertain and have friends over on a whim. Once I figure out how people live, and how they define “comfort,” then the pieces start to fall into place. I don’t have one specific design style – I like to get to know each and every client individually, then create spaces that ultimately tell their story. It is always nice when a client has a collection of some sort to work off of, as it is a real glimpse into their own personal style (whether they realize it or not!)

Q: Do you have any rules or set guidelines for clients before you start working on a space with them?

A: Absolutely! In this business you have to protect yourself as well as your client. Having a clear understanding of the service you will be providing for them is key. I have a contract for every client I work with, large or small scale. I like to be as transparent and up front as possible, so there are no surprises along the way, and then process can be enjoyable for my clients as well as myself!

Q: Where do you start first? With a specific piece of furniture to center a room, a piece of art, etc?

A: Anything – I try to find something that the client LOVES! Often they have a piece of furniture, or an area rug or something that they cannot part with, and that can be the Golden Ticket. If they don’t, then I shop for inspiration, and this can often be in a single fabric that I find at the Design Center. That fabric can end up directing the entire scheme.

Q: How do you differentiate yourself from other interior designers?

A: I’ve worked for a few amazing Interior Designers in the past, and from them I learned so much not only about how to design spaces and create homes, but also how to run a successful business, work and collaborate with my clients, and partner with vendors and contractors. Those experiences were invaluable and I have taken those lessons with me. What differentiates me in my career now is that I don’t have a specific aesthetic that I only design towards. Instead, I design a client’s home in a way that integrates their own personal style and works with their lifestyle. For sure, there are touches of my style dispersed throughout my inspiration, but every single project turns out completely different, as clients are all different. Ultimately, this is part of why I love what I do! I never get bored, no project is ever the same, and it is a different challenge every morning when I wake up.

Q: Could you please send us some images of the spaces that you’ve worked on that include a TFW print? Thank you!

A: The images above are of a Living Room I’ve recently completed in Scarsdale, New York. This is a classic Tudor home with beautiful architectural details. We enhanced this room by exposing the ceiling beams and designing the custom wall unit and fireplace. This is the room in the home where the entire family hangs out. It’s a great place to watch a game, as well as host a cocktail party – or just play board games with their young children. I love this room because the colors are so vibrant and the space captures a great energy. The Photo, “Lesson” from Dariusz Klimczak not only anchors the entire room, it was the perfect finishing touch!

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