Giving Back… To Children In Need

I am excited to share with you this recent press piece in Hamptons Magazine, which discusses a cause near and dear to me… Supplies For Success.

Supplies for Success…Give Back with a Backpack is an ongoing program of UJA Federation, started by my own mother, Mindy Richenstein, and has worked for the past 13 years to ensure that disadvantaged children return to school with the tools they need to succeed. Kids living in poverty deserve a shot at success and we aim to level the playing field so they can look to education as their ticket to a better life. For back-to-school 2014, we provided filled backpacks to more than 9,000 disadvantaged children. The program is being replicated in several locations on the east coast this year and for 2015, we hope to help more than 10,000 children.

To help raise money for this wonderful cause, TFW will donate 10% of all sales made this week using the code: GIVEBACK. Please enter code at checkout and we will handle the rest! For every $18 donated, a kid will receive a backpack filled with the supplies they need to succeed.

Filled backpacks after last weeks volunteer event in NYC where we filled over 1,000 backpacks.

Full Text From the Hamptons article below and can also be read online at Hamptons Magazine

As vice chairwoman of the UJA-Federation’s Supplies for Success in the Hamptons—an initiative founded by her mother, Mindy Richenstein—which takes place August 27 at the Ross School, Silverman spends her time providing disadvantaged children the school supplies they need to succeed. The Sag Harbor tastemaker also founded and heads the chic online platform These Fine Walls, which features a curated collection of never-before-seen shots from editorial photographers.

Age: 29

Organizations you supportUJA-Federation, UJA’s Supplies for Success, and Baby Buggy

What resonates with you about these organizationsThey care for people in need—efficiently and with real impact.

When did philanthropy become central to your life? Philanthropy was woven into my life when I was a child. My mother had me volunteering to help people living in poverty since I was in elementary school. I was taught that there are people less fortunate, and I have the power to make a difference. It’s my responsibility.

The volunteer moment that made the greatest impact Seeing the joy of a 5-year-old who was so excited to fill 12 backpacks, understanding that they were not for her, but for kids whose parents can’t afford them.

Best thing about the Hamptons charity scene?Giving back in one of the most beautiful and glamorous places.

Secret to your success: There is no secret—determination and hard work.

Another Hamptons philanthropist who inspires you is…Jessica Seinfeld. I have been to a few of her Baby Buggy events, and I am always inspired by her words and the amazing charity that she created.

Go-to fundraising methodI’ve created a special code for philanthropic shoppers to use on These Fine Walls, and a portion of sales goes to support Supplies for Success.

Are there any obstacles you’ve faced in your philanthropy efforts because of your age?No, I find that the philanthropic community is welcoming to the younger generation, and I hope to get people my age involved in any way possible. If we start to give back and get involved now, we can set a philanthropic foundation for the future.

Advice for others wanting to make a difference: Get involved. You don’t have to have money to make a difference. Volunteer and come to our Supplies for Success event in the Hamptons!

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