Hamptons Magazine: Prints Charming

March 29, 2018

Hamptons Magazine: Prints Charming

While working behind the scenes as a photo-shoot producer for Michael Kors, Sagaponack resident Lisa Eryn Silverman grew frustrated with the amount of incredible work that never saw the light of day. “I noticed that the photographers had amazing portfolios filled with work that wasn’t for sale,” says Silverman, who is also a photographer. “They would capture so many photographs on a shoot and then only a select few images would be seen by the public.”

Determined to give these talents a way to showcase their work beyond the confines of a roadside billboard or glossy magazine, Silverman created These Fine Walls, an online platform that sells never-before-seen work of editorial photographers. “Most of the photographers on the site are established and have been published in major print publications,” she says. “In the world of fine art, though, most are up-and-comers just entering the market for the first time.”

These Fine Walls currently features a selection of images from a curated group of photographers, including Benjamin Kanarek, a Paris-based photographer known for his cinematic style; Rebecca Litchfield, who focuses on abandoned and decaying spaces; and Silverman herself, whose work incorporates iconic brands like Prada, Chanel, and Hermès into digitally altered images. In addition, Silverman recently collaborated with James Wojcik, a famed still-life photographer and former teacher of Silverman’s, to create a series of works specifically for the site. Each photograph is available in a variety of sizes, with prices ranging from $150–$3,500.

Says Silverman, “Fashion photography was the gem hidden in plain sight. When you experience an image out of the context of a page in a magazine, it becomes so much more—it becomes art.”

Silverman likens experiencing a beautiful photograph to spending time in the Hamptons, one of her favorite places. “To be surrounded by beauty is blissful,” she says of the East End. “I love spending time at my family’s home in Sagaponack because it’s a true escape from the stress of living and working in New York City—the scenery and light are so serene and beautiful.” Silverman adds that she particularly loves living in Sagaponack because its central location means easy access to the beach, shopping, vineyards, and restaurants like Tutto il Giorno in Sag Harbor, her personal favorite. “Of course I love relaxing, but I also love all the culture, fun, and excitement the Hamptons has to offer,” she says.

And, while Silverman has yet to discover a Hamptons-based photographer, she says she’s constantly searching out new talent. “Last summer I was building the business and this will be the first summer I’ll be out here since the site has launched,” she says. “But I will surely be on the lookout.”