Elliman: Lisa Eryn Silverman - If these walls could talk

October 02, 2018

Elliman: Lisa Eryn Silverman - If these walls could talk

Home Renovations can produce gorgeous results, but living in the midst of them is usually far from glamorour, as Lisa Eryn Silverman realized six years ago when she moved into her Tribeca loft with her then-boyfriend, now-husband. "I had been living on the Upper East Side, so the neighborhood already felt like another world. Worse, we were doing a lot of construction, so the apartment was really not as beautiful as I would have liked," recalls Silverman, founder and owner of These Fine Walls, an online gallery specializing in contemporary limited-edition photography. "To make the place feel like it was ours, the first thing I unpacked was every piece of framed art we owned. I hung some on the walls and leaned a bunch more against them. I've been bringing in new pieces ever since.

I've always loved photography," explains Silverman, who launched These Fine Walls from her loft. "I was working for Michael Kors, and I was often on set with amazing photographers. I'd see all these beautiful shots they had taken, but only one would end up in a magazine. I always wondered what they did with the rest."

It seemed a shame to Silverman to let so many stunning outtakes go to waste. She approached several photographers about selling their prints and started her business, focusing exclusively on fashion at first, but soon expanding to other edgy contemporary works.

"Art is very personal. People choose what they love," says Silverman, whose website, thesefinewalls.com, recently relaunched, added new artists and works. "That makes it the perfect finishing touch to a home. When you bring art in, it brings life to the space and completes it." - Kathy Passero